The MOGO Travelution™ Platform

iFREE MOGO is a next generation ‘Travelution’ platform targeting global consumers, especially frequent travellers. With a focus to deliver a seamless O2O user experience providing travel benefits and conveniences, the MOGO app comes with a mission statement of ‘Mobile On The Go, More On The Go.’
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On Demand Flexibility

Pay as you go mobile data and roaming plans around the world for different traveling needs, offered using a reusable SIM.

VIP Experience

24 hours concierge, customer service and emergency support.

Competitive Pricing

Our offers are one of the most competitive labels in the market.

Great Convenience

Booking, top-ups, travel information and e-commerce, all offered within a few clicks in the MOGO app.

MOGO APP Overview

The MOGO App offers global on-demand 4G data connectivity solutions covering over 200 countries, along with voice call and messaging features at highly competitive rates. In comparison to other traditional roaming options, MOGO users are able to enjoy more flexible data plans tailored to individual usage behaviours, with better coverage and call quality, thanks to our global strategic partnership network with over 800+ operators from around the world.

New Subscription Feature


To cater frequent travellers’ routine, the new MOGO App update comes with a new subscription feature that eliminates the need to manually purchase data packages every time. Once the subscription function is enabled, the MOGO App will be able to detect a user’s location and select the right data package automatically for immediate use. Exclusive for MOGO subscribers with a small monthly fee, they can receive direct calls on their mobile phone via a temporarily assigned local number in selected countries.